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Magic: The Gathering


This page has been created as a result of continual enquiries related to my work on the Wizards of the Coast card game Magic: The Gathering. See below for a complete list of cards and available artwork. Payment via PayPal is preferred. Please email for details of payment and (when necessary) postage.


• Signed cards: $2 per card plus $5 to cover return postage/packing.


• Signed white-backed proof cards: $10 per card plus $5 to cover return postage/packing.


• Sketches on white-backed proof cards: $40 for black-and-white sketch; $75 for colour sketch. Free postage/packing.


• Original art: some paintings are still for sale. Red dots in the list below indicate those that have already been sold. Please email for prices.




MIRAGE (1996)

Blind Fury

Cloak of Invisibility

Dark Ritual

Kaervek's Torch

Painful Memories

Shallow Grave


VISIONS (1997)


Relic Ward

Sun Clasp



Soul Shepherd

Spinning Darkness

Tendrils of Despair



Carrion Ants

Funeral March

Howl from Beyond *artwork not for sale*

Steal Artifact

Tawnos's Weaponry


PORTAL (1997)

Baleful Stare

Blinding Light

Final Strike

Hand of Death

Harsh Justice

Touch of Brilliance