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• September 10th, 2007


Is it a year already? The 2008 Coulthart Calendar is now available through CafePress. Due to the popularity of last year's HPL calendar which featured The Great Old Ones series of pictures, I'm presenting the same series this year but with subtle colour overlays. The calendar also features a new piece of artwork on the cover. More details at Oniomania.





• July 17th, 2007


Signed prints are now available from many of the pages in the book. Check individual artwork pages here for details.


  • All high-quality laser prints.

  • 29.7cm x 42cm (11.7ins x 16.5ins) on 200gsm paper.

  • Individually signed.

  • £15 each. (Price includes free post & packing to anywhere in the world.)

2009 update: signed prints have been discontinued until further notice although poster prints of many pictures are still available through CafePress. See individual artwork pages for details.





• September 14th, 2006


Three 2007 Coulthart calendars are now available through CafePress, one of which is a Lovecraft-themed one featuring art from the Great Old Ones. As usual, see Oniomania for further details.




• August 9th, 2006


New interview here with Eroom Nala, discussing life,
art and the shadow-haunted volume.




• July 2nd, 2006


Pre-order your copy now!



Barnes & Noble




• June 21st, 2006




Christian Matzke writes to inform me that his short film, Dunwich, based on two HP Lovecraft stories, The Dunwich Horror and The Terrible Old Man, is in production, and that he and co-director Sarah Tarling used my Dunwich Horror adaption as inspiration. I'm very pleased to hear this, of course, and look forward to seeing how their prequel to the events in Lovecraft's story turn out. The film's website has more information.




• June 16th, 2006


As mentioned below, signed prints are now available of three of the pictures from The Haunter of the Dark. See Oniomania for further details.




• June 11th, 2006


Creation Oneiros


Creation Oneiros now has a new home on the web.
Publication for The Haunter of the Dark is officially slated
as September 15th, 2006.




• May 27th, 2006


Time for a news page...

Publication is creeping closer so a few things have been happening on the Haunter front. Eroom Nala is conducting another email interview which will be posted on these pages in due course (his previous interview is here). I'm also going to add a few more things to the Downloads section as this material is receiving a lot of attention just now. And as an addendum to that, plans are afoot to produce signed prints of some of my more popular pictures. I already have prints available from CafePress but these are unsigned due to the nature of that service, and postal charges are excessive for those living outside the US. Watch this space for further details. Lastly, I may be giving a talk and signing in London later in the year. More details as they emerge.